Visualisation Meditation CD

How our unique meditation CDs came about

Back in March of 2013, I was working full time in an office setting and I got talking with a colleague of mine who was also a singer and music producer. I was a qualified meditation teacher by then, had set up a meditation group which started in 2002 with a good friend of mine and we had an established meditation group by this time in Shifnal.

I had used many relaxing backgrounds for the meditation sessions and sometimes used visualisation meditation tracks produced by other artists for the variety offered to the group. I had a calling to produce something that was different, in that, to have something that was experiencing the same mediation as you were and make it more ‘real’. I said one day to my colleague, Justin, that it would be really nice to have the sounds coming into the visualisation, such as the gate clicking closed after you’ve gone through it, or your steps on the gravel when you walk on a path, a dog barking on the beach and all those type of sounds, so in your mind’s eye, you are actually there!

Justin said he could do that….He was undertaking a higher qualification in music, but it would be nice to work on a project that was something different, a kind of music that he hadn’t done before. That was the start of our work together, producing these three special CDs that we have for beginners, intermediate and experienced meditators.

Does the music come first, or does the visualisations come first? A bit of both, really. I sat at home in my quiet space, going into a different state of consciousness, as I am doing so I find that with my guides and helpers are with me and that words just flow through me, from the first word on the paper to the last, it just flowed! And they were beautiful. I shared the first few papers with Justin and he was able to work on the sounds and produce the right tone for the music. Next was to record the voice with the music, and you would have thought that we would need to be in the same room together to do this but, no. Who knew we used social distancing measures in place even then!

I had a digital recorder, and again in a different state of consciousness I would practice reading out these words on the paper, sometimes other word would come alongside these written words, weaving into the finished article. I then emailed these recordings of to Justin and he would then produce his magic. It took some practice, as in normal speech we sometimes make clicking sounds, so this had to go. I found my voice too would be deeper in the morning than that of an evening, and so my voice became softer and more mellow. (Justin would cut out any mistakes) and he told me that he would have an idea in his head only for it to change and alter a little as he was working on it – so I feel that he was being divinely guided too.

Justin came with an idea, as he wanted to produce a track that was more suited to visiting the stars (He’s very much into Star Wars and has read all the books). We worked on a piece that would take us to the moon, or at least bathe in the power of the moon, but up there in space. When and where else could you get to these places unless it is in meditation and dreams?
So, the story begins, we worked on our first CD, then the title was given to me: The Magic Within. This was a CD of four ten minute tracks. We had our family members try them out – those who wanted to try them and those more used to meditation too. We took advice from their feedback and went back to improve them. When that one was finished we worked on another, to produce longer tracks, as when we really set that time aside for pure meditation, we want to be in that moment for longer. The benefits are amazing! The second CD was born: Find the Path Within, where we have three 20 minute meditations. Justin’s music became more intricate on so many levels and we all experienced an up-lifting and type of cleansing taking place. He found that the body’s natural rhythm runs at a frequency of 432 Hz, and so went back to work on the first set of music, second and third to produce our unique set of mediation CDs, with the last being 30 minutes long and called The Path to Harmony. This has a separate CD with just the music so that anyone who wants to do their own personal meditation practice can do this or use it as background music for healing – I certainly do!

Next came the marketing and our colleagues in the business got to hear about it so we had an article in the internal magazine. Then we produced a free 5 minute taster which was called the Walled Garden. This was put on YouTube and on the Jehandra webpage: We asked colleagues and friends to try it and even some bought the product. We got great reviews; Justin gave an interview at a local radio station and promoted his and our work there.

I am honoured and proud that we have been able to produce these three disks and look forward to the next project to come along. Thank you Justin and all who were involved in this, I will be eternally grateful.

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