We offer a variety of courses and traininig, our workshops include the introduction to Crystals workshop and Indian Head Massage for home use coming soon; more will follow dependent on demand. We have a level Reiki 2 course being delivered in July. Please contact any of the team at Jehandra Holistic Healing at the Shifnal Shopping Centre on 01952 463876 or 07754 908434 or our contact us page if you would like more information.

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 Reiki Level 2 Training

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Using the beautiful healing energy to benefit oneself and others. Intended for personal development and transformation, self-treatment, the treatment of friends, family and the public. This course covers the Reiki National Occupational Standards and is a follow on from Reiki I. This is a two part course where students will be required to practice and collate case study notes and documentation to support their qualification.

Support will be offered throughout to ensure correct practice and understanding. The second date of the course is 11th of September 2022. Students have a choice of two levels of this Reiki 2 course, to either complete 30 case studies for an excellent understanding at a cost of £200 or to learn and gain competence in preparation to register as a Reiki professional practitioner with the CNHC and to have the support and resources to complete 75 case studies. This level of Reiki 2 will cost £350. All observations and assessments will be carried out by Suzanne - our Reiki Master Teacher and CNHC Registered practitioner herself.

Reiki 2 Poster

Here is the content of the course:

  • Explanation of the symbols and their uses
  • Second level Reiki & attunement
  • Explanation of complete treatments with symbols
  • When to and when not to do a healing
  • Treatment of Others
  • Healing and the law
  • Professional Practice
  • Action Planning

Our Reiki Level 1 Training:

Reiki, a Japanese word pronounced ray-key, can be translated to mean universal life force, or universally guided energy. It is a very simple system of healing, carried out by placing hands on or over a person (who is fully clothed), or animal or plant, with the intent to channel Reiki. It can also be sent as absent healing, over distance and even through time. Anyone can learn to channel and amplify this healing energy for the benefit of themselves and other's wellbeing.

Reiki 1 is a two part course starting again on the 16th of October 2022 and the second date is 13th November 2022. This training will give you the basics, following the Reiki Council's National Occupational Standards (NOS).

Reiki Training 1 Poster Oct 2022

Here is the outline of our level 1 course:

Lesson No Lesson Title
1 What is Reiki
2 History and origins of Reiki
3 Reiki training structure
4 Attunements
5 Reiki Principles
6 Hand positions
7 Self-cleansing
8 Self-healing
9 Healing reactions
10 Protection
11 How to treat others with Reiki
12 Human Energy Field - The Aura
13 The Chakra System
14 The Endocrine System & Basic Anatomy
15 The Relationship of the Chakras with the Organs & Glands of the Body
16 Self-development and action planning

We take small numbers of student through the course to ensure sufficient one to one learning and understanding takes place.

Suzanne has the ability to draw and name each student's assigned Reiki guide who will support and work with them, throughout their Reiki journey.

To register for the course please complete the contact form and submit. We will be in touch shortly or get in touch on our Facebook page. There is also an option to complete your booking for this course by clicking here.