Unakite Tumblestone (15mm – 30mm)


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Unakite is a mottled stone with pink, green and clear patches. One of these stones will be sent to you with a description cad and an organza bag.

The card that comes with this stone states: Detoxing. Cleanses and detoxifies the body and helps eliminate bad habits such as overeating. Balances emotional self with the spiritual and mental self.

Other Benefits of Unakite:

Unakite can help clear blockages resulting from past experiences. It can also help to release conditions which are limiting to self-growth. It balances the emotional body, allowing for a smoother alignment with higher spiritual forces. It can also be used as a way to delve into the root causes of “dis-ease” and therefore helps pave a path to inner healing.

Other detoxing tumblestones available:

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