Scented Simmering Granules for Oil Burners


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These lovely fragranced simmering granules for oil burners are designed for specific places around your home. Ideal also for scenting letters, useful on ashtrays to clear tobacco, pet or cooking smells and for fragrancing and decorating plates.
They come in different colours and scents which are eye-catching and smell wonderful and fresh. Highly scented – you only need one or two teaspoonfuls of granules for a lovely fragrant room.
These granules are placed in the oil burner reservoir and require no water. Once the candle has burnt out, the granules can be quickly poured away and replenished, without any bother or messy cleaning afterwards.

These simmering granules for oil burners can also be used as ashtray refresh, or to generally fragrance a room.

These 200g packs come in a choice of: Baby Powder; Lilac & Lavender; Pine; Orange & Cinnamon; Peaceful Home; Midnight Roses; Rose Musk; Comfort Zone; Let Angels Pass; Kickback & Relax.

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Oil burner safety notice

Oil burners are designed to be used with a tea light candle only. Please use responsibly. For more information on candle safety click here.

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Kickback & Relax, Let Angels Pass, Baby Powder, Comfort Zone, Orange & Cinnamon, Rose Musk, Midnight Roses, Peaceful Home, Lilac & Lavender, Pine


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