8cm Selenite Charging Plate


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This Selenite Charging Plate is cut and carved by hand; you will particularly appreciate the attention to detail. The 7 chakra symbols are carved into this plate to signify balance and harmony It is a source of cleansing and charging all other crystals and crystal jewellery as Selenite has self-cleansing properties.

Selenite stone is believed to have benefits for sleep and that cleans up the ambient air.

Selenite is renowned for its cleansing and healing abilities, and can help to clear negative energy both from our chakras and our surrounding environment. A stone for clarity and guidance, selenite provides support to โ€˜clear your mindโ€™, sharpen your awareness and allow you to see the truth by connecting you to a higher consciousness.

The description card that comes with this Selenite Charging Plate:

Intuition. Aids angelic protection and removes energy blocks. Balances the emotions, and calms the mind and soul.


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