Pyrite Tumblestone (25mm – 30mm)


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This mineral possesses a defending property. It has properties that can be used to protect oneself from negative energies and can work to allay physical danger. This stone is very much in tune with the universe and its wholeness, in as much as it is one for the natural order of things, helping to bring, when used in healing the body back to it’s own perfection and balance.

Pyrite description card details:

A stone of defense & protection. Pyrite can shield you from negative energies & has a protective quality which works on the physical, etheric & emotional bodies. It can be used to treat structure of the bones & also composition of cells; useful in protection from infectious disease & for relief of symptoms of fever & inflammation.

One pyrite crystal will be sent with a description card in an organza bag.

Other Benefits of Pyrite:

  • Assist the formation of cells
  • To treat the structure of the bones
  • Prevent damage to the DNA structure
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Protecting

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