3cm Opalite Dragon Pendant


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Round Opalite stone set within a silver alloy dragon pendant. This pendant is 3.2cm long, 2.5cm wide and 1cm deep. This stone radiates light through it and changes with whatever is worn behind it.

It is is a man-made opalescent glass stone with opal and moonstone simulants. It is usually clear or milky and comes in a variety of yellow, lilac, blue, pink and green. When it is placed on a coloured fabric the colour of the stone changes too.

As Opalite is very calming and soothing, it is an excellent stone to use in meditation.

The card that comes with this pendant states: Dreams. Helps dreams become a reality. Stabilises mood swings and helps calm emotions. Opens communication to the spirit world.

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Additional health benefits of Opalite:

  • Strength, Confidence, and Self-Worth
  • Spiritual Communication
  • Balancing Moods
  • Aids sleep
  • Manifesting wealth, as it is called the merchant stone
  • Allows fluidity of change

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Dimensions 3.2 × 1 × 2.5 cm

Opalite, Unakite


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