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Introduce your child to the wonderful world of crystals and their powerful energies to help, heal and transform with this fully illustrated simple-to-use guide book.

Children are instantly drawn to the energy of crystals – and crystal energies can help make things better for them at school, at home and at play. My Crystal Guide explores crystals from a child’s view – what crystals and minerals are and how to choose and work with the crystals they need – as well as introducing an understanding of crystal energies and crystal healing.  This book contains fun exercises to try are included throughout, along with simple meditations.

The Children’s Crystal Finder, within its pages, includes 101 commonly available crystals and minerals with clear photographs and each crystal’s healing qualities and attributes relevant to children, while the final chapter suggests how to help with all types of problems that children may encounter, including stress, not sleeping well, tests at school and making new friends. Created with children in mind, My Crystal Guide includes guidance and practical exercises for parents and carers, but is written for children to follow and understand themselves.

My Crystal Guide book is brand new, paperback and published by Cico Kids Books written by Philip Permutt and Nicci Roscoe.

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