Malachite Tumblestone (20mm)


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Malachite varies from light green to dark green and contains the most beautiful layered patterns within its structure.

The card that comes with this stone states: New Leaf: This stone helps manifest change; removes emotional blockages and opens up your eyes and heart to new experiences. Also this stone is known for being transformational. It has the qualities to assist one in times of change. Malachite is a stone of good fortune and prosperity / abundance, too. This is a facet of transforming a physical or mental state of lack into abundance.

Other Benefits of Malachite:

This is a stone of transformation. It provides assistance and clarity in times of change. It is a stone of good fortune, prosperity & abundance. It is also effective at absorbing negative or unwanted energies from yourself, the environment and even from electronic devices, making it a great stone to keep on your office desk!

Malachite is an equalising and balancing stone which helps to create an unobstructed path, enabling you to reach your goals.

It works well within all the main chakras of the body.

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