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Magic spell candles are a traditional tool used in a variety candle rituals. Spell casting with these candles can amplify energies with your intentions for good.ย  One can decide on a goal, visualize the end result and focus intent or will to manifest that result. There is a choice of 10 colours, made of solid paraffin.

The Magic Spell Candles are 10cm by 1cm wide and comes boxed in a packet of 12. These candles have a burn time of approximately 1 to 1.5 hours with a tall clean flame.

Here are the colour candles associations:

  • White candles can be used for any type of ritual, meditation, happiness or spellcasting work
  • Black candles can be used for warding, protecting and banishing or removing negative energy
  • Red candles are associated with passion, love, sexual energy, lust and physical attraction, also courage, physical strength, and willpower
  • Pink candles are the candles ofย romantic love, friendship, balance and to relieve depression
  • Yellow candles are used for works related to creativity, imagination, communication, mental clarity, knowledge, success and intellect.
  • Blue means, is for people who seek to connect with their creativity, wisdom, spirituality to bring peace and calm and above all harmony.
  • Use green candles to promote health, finances, good luck, fertility, or any personal goal that requires development and renewal.
  • Purple is considered a very esoteric color. It symbolizes spiritual development, psychic powers, and expanded consciousness, awareness, prosperity and opportunity.
  • Orange can attract emotional healing, positivity, confidence and ambition
  • Light blue – closely related to blue, is used in rituals to increase peace, tranquility, patience and calmness. Its other associations are devotions and inspiration.

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Black, White, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange, Purple, Pale Blue, Pink


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