Kyanite Tumblestone (20mm)


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Kyanite stones vary in colour from dark grey through to blue and even white, yellow or pink.

It is excellent for attunement; amplifies high frequency energy; opens throat chakra to aid communication; calms the mind. Lowers high blood pressure; aids glands and the brain.

Other Benefits of Kyanite:

Kyanite stones do not accumulate or store any negative energies, therefore, they never need to be cleansed! They hold unlimited energy and are able to instantly clear all chakras and can be used to open the chakras, too.

This stone brings a calm and tranquility to the entire body, and stimulates communication and spiritual awareness. It is an excellent stone for meditation as it enables its user to find the meditative state more smoothly and quickly. It provides a gentle and balancing energy and can nurture and balance the emotions.

Other stones for balance are:

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