Geranium Essential Oil 10ml Bottle


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10ml bottle of Geranium Essential Oil. Geranium Pelargonium Graveolens essential oil. Origin – Egypt. Plant part used – leaves, stalks and flowers. Extraction Process – Steam Distillation. Contains 100% natural and essential oil. Always dilute before using on skin. Do not use internally. Avoid eyes.

Geranium Essential Oil is good for the following:

  • as an astringent
  • balance hormones
  • relieve stress
  • depression
  • reduce inflammation
  • reduce irritation
  • menopause 
  • improve circulation
  • kidney problems
  • reduce blood pressure

We make a special blend of Aura spray to help left depression as well as provide crystals to assist with this, such as jet or Lepidolite.

Find out more ways in which this essential oil can benefit our well being by visiting: 13 Incredible Benefits of Geranium | Organic Facts



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