Find the Path Within Visualisation Meditation CD


Introducing the second disk to add to our collection of visualisation meditation journeys.

Each of these meditations are approximately twenty minutes long, leading you into the journey and leaving you to enjoy the experience for 10 minutes before gently bringing you back. These are designed to give you deep relaxation and to refresh your mind, body and spirit whenever it is convenient for you.

  1. Introduction
  2. A Friend at the Water
  3. Call to the Temple
  4. Travelling Light

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Suzanne is an established practitioner, a therapist herself and has over 15 years’ experience in running a meditation group. Her soft, calming voice will guide you through three beautiful journeys for the best possible visualisation
and meditation by leaving you for 10 minutes before bringing you back . The soothing music, played at the natural rhythm of the body – 432Hz, has been especially composed by Justin Scott, to enhance the experience with natural and healing sounds that take you to these wonderful places, to really take your mind, body and spirit to find the harmony within.

This CD is also available for you to listen to as well as download following the link below :

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