3cm Dalmatian Jasper Sphere


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Dalmatian Jasper is mainly formed of sedimentation. It is mostly formed of silica.  It is a type of white jasper that has black spherical inclusions.

Jasper’s name originates from the Greek language, meaning stained stone. It is found in hydrothermal reefs, volcanic rocks, and sedimentary rocks, mainly in Australia. The dark spots are caused by Black Tourmaline deposits, which enhances the spiritual energy for grounding and psychic protection to this stone.

Dalmatian jasper enhances creativity and is a good stone for grounding.

Sphere – Sacred Geometry Meaning:

The sphere is referred to as a container that can hold all forms. It is a symbol of inclusion, oneness, and integrity as all measurements are the same in a sphere. Seeds, planets, atoms, cells are all spheres.

The card that comes with this stone states: Dispels nightmares. Excellent at assisting a good night’s sleep and helps to dispel nightmares. A great nurturing stone.

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