Pure Energy Clear Rock Quartz Crystal Pack


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This Clear rock quartz energy pack contains 6 crystal points and a drawstring bag, boxed.

Benefits of Clear rock quartz:

  • Healing crystals for increased balance and harmony
  • Elevates thoughts for manifesting intentions
  • Removes negativity and fosters clarity.ย ย 

Quartz crystal has long been used to increase power, offer clarity and clear negative energy. Perfect for mineral enthusiasts and metaphysical healers alike, every luminous crystal is 100% natural and one of a kind.

Taking thousands of years to form, these stunning crystals are a true wonder to behold. Culled from ancient rock pockets, each of the crystals are carefully selected for their transparency, colour variation and beauty. Harness the natural energy and healing power of pure quartz crystals for yourself.

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Dimensions 13.50 × 11 × 3 cm


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