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This Chakra Singing Bowl, green for the heart chakra is made of brass.
These singing bowls are often used in religious and spiritual settings, invoking meditation and relaxation. They can also be used in healing and for treating various illnesses through sound therapy. The sounds singing bowls produce create a kind of energy medicine that balances the frequencies of the body, mind and soul. Playing these bowls creates a centering and grounding effect.
The heart chakra (located in the centre of the chest) function is love, its colour is green and its planet is Venus. Its crystal stones are green/pink such as Peridot, Rose Quartz and Malachite. Meditation/affirmation I love.

Balancing this chakra is important for the circulatory system, heart, and thymus. It also affects spiritual love, compassion, and universal oneness. Energies: Water, Calming, Soothes, Relaxes.

The perfect Chakra gift, use the wood end of the stick to make the bowl sing. A gift that will make someone more than happy – bringing a little extra inner calm.

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