Chakra Bracelet for Anxiety




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Chakra Bracelet for Anxiety

This bracelet has a special meaning & serves many purposes as the coloured gemstones have their own attributes to help with our wellbeing.  Aventurine calms and stabilizes the emotions;  encourages a positive outlook;  increases tranquility as it facilitates the balance of the male / female energies, intellectual, emotional, physical and auric bodies.

The word ‘chakra’ means ‘Wheel of spinning Energy’. Within our bodies we have seven major energy centres; the main one we know is the solar plexus where we feel butterflies in our tummy. Aventurine is one of the best balances for the heart chakra.

Our energy field can be influenced by what is surrounding us. It can take in both good and bad energies.

There are crystals, colour and essential oils that can be used to dispel the negative energy we hold. This bracelet not only gives positive healing and balancing effects for the chakras with the right colours and crystals, but the rest of the bracelet is made up of lava stone.

Why Lava stones in this Chakra Bracelet?

Lava stone is porous and allows the use of adding drops of Bergamot essential oil to rub into the porous lava beads. It comes from bergamot oranges and has an energising citrusy scent. It has been shown to improve mood and reduce symptoms of anxiety.  A bottle of 10ml Bergamot essential oil is supplied with this product.

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