Blue Obsidian Tumblestone (20mm – 25mm)


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Blue Obsidian is thought that Blue Obsidian occurs when trapped gas bubbles are present at the time of cooling. This crystal very rarely is found naturally. Any natural deposits that are found in the earth get depleted very quickly. As a result, genuine Blue Obsidian is very expensive and rare. Most stones available are usually human-made glass or the byproduct of a unique smelting process.

This glass looking crystal isnโ€™t just beautiful, it has healing properties and its meaning is also symbolic to many. The healing properties of this stone promotes calm, stability and peace. It helps you find the things that you have lost or long for most. Once you have it, this stone ensures that you hold onto it as long as possible.

Blue Obsidian is thought to have a solid connection to the spiritual world. It will help your work in spiritual exploration, and is a great protection crystal.

The card that comes with this stone states: Understanding. Supports communication on all levels, treats speech defects and stimulates growth in all areas. Soothing and calming.

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