Apache Tear Tumblestone (10mm – 15mm)


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Apache Tear is a variety of Obsidian, is volcanic glass and found in various colours such as black, black/clear, black/smokey/clear, black/mahogany, and occasionally black/violet and black/green.

This stone has been considered to be, traditionally one of the tears of the Native American women, mourning for their warriors, driven by the cavelry over a cliff.

The card that comes with this stone states: Forgiveness. Provides comfort in times of grief and allows for an understanding to shine through, leading to insight and acceptance. It promotes forgiveness, release of grievances and removal of self-limiting beliefs. Also useful in promoting analytical capacity and precise thought, useful in problem solving.

Other Benefits of Apache Tear :

It is used in times of grief, to comfort, provide insight, acceptance and strength. It can also promote a forgiving nature and a release of grievances which have been held against another.

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