Small Heavenly Angel of Peace (10cm)

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Small Angel child of peace. This figure is holding a single rose, her dress is cream and peach in colour adorned with flowers and a butterfly with the word peace. Made in resin to look like carved wood.

Angels are perfect spiritual beings that link heaven and earth. Known as messengers throughout time. They help us on our spiritual path, help to realise our dreams and hopes and we can ask them for guidance and advice. It is believed that they operate in our lives by stimulating our minds and imaginations. They whisper good words in our ears and sharpen our perception of the world around us. They teach us that the right answers are within each of us if only we gave the time to listen.

A little meditation for you to try

List in your mind the things that you are grateful for. You can begin with thanks for the people around you who cherish and support you. Their prayers for your health, wellbeing and happiness make a huge difference to you, giving you peace of mind in times of change and transition. Give thanks for the love that sustains you, for the people who believe in you and are on ‘your side’. Give thanks for the opportunities you have to express yourself freely, and for the opportunities your thoughts, feelings and creative expression.

A little prayer for you

To you of good deeds, be an example to us of our potential, so that we can be made whole by the kindness that comes from simple acts. These bless, enlighten, and serve our healing. Remind us to do good to others, be they friends, family, strangers, outcasts, or the lonely. We have the capacity for so much good. Help us to use it for the benefit of one another. Amen.

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