7 Chakra Crystal Pendant/Pendulum Set


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A set of interchangeable small crystal spheres with sliver plated cone shaped pentagram filigree cage and pendulum chain. The cage comes with a lobster clasp so can be used on a necklace of your choice or as a pendulum. These crystals are interchangeable to match your mood and wellbeing. These come in a long purple gift box, ideal to give as a present. Each crystal sphere measures 1.3cm in circumference. The cage measures 5cm and 2.2 diameter and is beautifully finished.

The crystals are:

  • Amethyst for the crown chakra
  • Sodalite for the third eye
  • Turquoise for the throat
  • Green Aventurine for the heart
  • Citrine for the solar plexus
  • Tigers Eye for the sacral chakra and
  • Red Jasper for the root.

Every day, a chakra crystal can be chosen where it will enhance your physical body, mind and spirit. Each one will help you emotionally come back into balance.

More information on Chakras

If you are feeling out of balance or not quite right and need extra support, we at Jehandra offer Chakra Balancing Therapy to identify any imbalances and offer treatment for this. We can also offer advice on the crystal attributes to help in certain conditions, issues and circumstances too. See more news and posts on our Facebook page.

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