16 cm Selenite Wand


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This Selenite wand is a form of crystallised gypsum that is usually clear or white and  is semi translucent with fine lines.

A wand made of crystal will use its attributes for healing. A wand pointed away from the body will draw excess or negative energy away and out through the auric field. A wand or point pointed towards the body will assist in channeling vitalizing energy in. “Universal energy” rather than your own energy is focused down the wand and through the point for the intention of healing or affirmation.

This selenite wand can also be used as a massage wand as it has a polished finish, a point at one end rounded at the other. This rounded end can be used to gently massage sensitive spots on the body while the pointed end can be used in healing.

The card that comes with this stone states that it aids angelic protection and removes energy blocks. It balances emotions and calms the mind and soul.

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