Although crystals may seem like inert objects, they are very much alive. They are both filled with energy and are perfect conduits of energy. This is why they are used in watches, radios and electronic devices today.
Crystals and gemstones have been prized for thousands of years for their healing and spiritual properties. Formed within the layers of the Earth, each crystal has its own unique colour, vibration and purpose.

Minerals, from which crystals are formed, have the lowest vibrations of all living things. They form in the earth from which everything grows; our human structure is made up from the same elements and minerals and all are connected to the Earth and by our life force energies.

The healing properties of crystals were recorded more than 3,500 years ago by the Ancient Egyptians and by cultures in China and India. Crystals have always been part of the folk wisdom of ordinary men, women and children and are used to balance our mind, body and spirit today.