Crystal Therapy uses the energy of crystals such as clear quartz and various others to help heal our bodies.

Through the ages, crystals have been known for their beauty, used by ancient cultures in jewellery and other objects. It has been long known that crystals have a vibration all of their own and can conduit energy too which is why they have been used in watches, radios and modern medical devices. Crystals can amplify their own energy and work well in our energy fields when we call upon them to assist in healing and to balance us. Their energy is subtle and works best in our etheric, mental and emotional layers of our aura.

As we all live in a modern world with many demands on our time, patience and stress levels, this can bring negative effects to our energy system and the way we think and behave.

Crystal Therapy can help us not just to cleanse, balance and re-energise  the whole body, it can also help specific areas and problems, whether that is sleeping at night, speaking in public, healing yourself, calming your mind or easing stress and anxiety.

We can wear specific crystals for their healing properties in our jewellery. Hold them as healing tumblestones in our pockets or have them under our pillows at night. We can have them around the house, to cleanse our environment at home and in our offices. They are excellent at clearing electro-magnetic smog caused by the use of computers, mobile phones, watching tv or working under fluorescent lights.

In Crystal Therapy or also known as Crystal Healing, the crystals are specifically chosen by a trained practitioner for the client's condition and symptoms and are placed on or around the body during a healing session. The therapist will use their intuition to place the right crystals in the right locations to assist the client's body to heal itself.

Reiki is used to amplify and direct healing energy through the therapist to the client  and amplify the power of the crystals to work, before allowing the client to bathe in the crystals growing energy fields.  The therapy can take up to one hour, depending on individual requirements. A sweeping of the hands will then go into the aura field itself to clear any stagnancy and debris to leave the client feeling lighter and cleaner.


Crystal Therapy, used as one of our holistic therapies

Fluorite necklace closerCrystals used for crystal therapy as part of our holistic therapies range


Crystal Therapy (45 - 60 mins)

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