Crystal and Gift Shop

Our Crystal and gifts shop is in Shifnal has been established in the shopping centre in Bradford Street since November 2015.We incorporated a therapy room for holistic therapies in 2018 to offer treatments and healing sessions.

Crystal and Gift Shop

We have a large selection of crystal tumble stones, crystal shapes, generators, pendulums, wands, hand-crafted jewellery plus essential oils, incense, oil burners, salt lamps, figurines, soy wax melts, candles, books and meditation CDs.

Crystal and gift shop

We have many more items in our crystal and gift shop than we can show you on-line, so it is well worth giving us a call if you can’t find what you are looking for. If you catch us before we order, you may order from our catalogues too. We can make bespoke jewellery also for those special people in your lives or for yourself or personal development. We can also help you choose crystals, cleanse and program them to help you or a loved one with any issue or symptoms.

Crystal and gift shop 1Crystal & Gift Shop


We are available on Facebook should you want more details, up-dates and pictures, message us or even book an appointment with us using our booking system here or you can contact us using the form on this website.

Find your birth stone at our Crystal and Gift Shop

Aquarius – Agate                                  Leo – Tiger’s Eye

Pisces – Amethyst                                Virgo – Carnelian

Aries – Red Jasper                               Libra – Green Aventurine

Taurus – Rose Quartz                          Scorpio – Rhodonite

Gemini – Onyx                                      Sagittarius – Sodalite

Cancer – Moonstone                            Capricorn – Snowflake Obsidian

Find your zodiac stone at our Crystal and Gift Shop

Aquarius – Amethyst                            Leo – Peridot

Pisces – Aquamarine                            Virgo – Sapphire

Aries – Diamond                                   Libra – Opal

Taurus – Emerald                                 Scorpio – Topaz

Gemini – Pearl                                       Sagittarius – Turquoise

Cancer – Ruby                                       Capricorn – Garnet