Crystals used for crystal therapy as part of our holistic therapies range

The Amazing Benefits of Crystals: A Beginner’s Guide

Crystals are captivating gems with unique beauty, often worn as jewellery and accessories. But did you know they offer more than just looks? How can these crystals truly improve how we feel? Crystals can help ...
Visualisation Meditation CD

How our unique meditation CDs came about

Back in March of 2013, I was working full time in an office setting and I got talking with a colleague of mine who was also a singer and music producer. I was a qualified ...
How to read runes

How to read Runes

How to read Runes Nicola Ayton - Creative Emotions Updated: Apr 9 2020 I was lucky enough to meet up with Suzanne McGill - Reiki Master Teacher, Holistic and Complementary Practitioner and co-founder of Jehandra ...