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A family run business promoting wellbeing of mind, body & spirit. We offer Reflexology, Body massage, Reiki therapy & training; Aromatherapy, Cupping massage, Hot stone massage, Chakra cleansing / balancing; Emotional Freedom Technique, Ear Candling, Henna tattooing, Angel Card Readings, Meditation, Indian Head Massage and stress management planning. We can now add Japanese Integrated Medicine, which is a service that can be broken down into three specific areas or combined, dependent on the issue and client: Japanese Acupuncture, Japanese Physical Medicine and Cranial-Sacral Technique. Shamanic healing and sound healing is now available too. Workshops and training are planned throughout the year for spiritual awareness and development, healing, an introduction to crystals, Reiki 1 and 2.



Our Main Therapist

I am a qualified holistic practitioner and am an accredited member of EFT and Mindfulness Centre, member of FHT for reflexology, registered with CNHC for Reiki and the Reiki Federation. These are professional associations ensuring high standards in therapy education and practice. I care very much about the quality and standard of services and  training we offer.

Founded in 2013, the business provides therapies, delivers training, and sells items which are natural to promote the best for our health and wellbeing. It is used as a hub for our therapists, past students and customers to gain support and advice.

Jehandra means arms open to love and light, and I believe this to be my true pathway; to help people to gain an understanding of an alternative, complementary way in which to keep healthy in mind, body and spirit.

We offer a service that is non-judgmental, safe and confidential; a naturally calm space for you to unwind.

We are here to deliver treatments for physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual problems, and have helped a number of clients with muscle tension, back pain, high blood pressure, sciatica, anxiety and stress. Our reviews and feedback have been amazing, as clients have left feeling cleaner, brighter, lighter, more relaxed, calmer and pain free after their treatments.


I am joined by three therapists and volunteers who help keep our lovely little shop and therapy room open as well as provide an on-line service to book your treatments, to have a treatment or to browse in our on-line shop.

You can also interact with us on Facebook: Jehandra Ltd | Shifnal | Facebook and Suzanne McGill (@jehandra.ltd) • Instagram photos and videos



Suzanne McGill

Founder of Jehandra & Holistic Therapist

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Neil Radcliffe

I am a Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Master and 1-1 Sound Healing Practitioner and my business name is Hummingbird Healing.

I have been a Shamanic practitioner for 5 years a Reiki Master since 2023 and, following an intensive 12 month training course, I have recently been awarded my Diploma in 1-1 Sound Healing from the Sound Healing Academy.

I am enthusiastic about offering energy healing and helping people regain balance into their lives. I am fully insured and will be sharing a space with Suzanne McGill of Jehandra, in Shifnal Shropshire and I will be offering Shamanic and Reiki taster sessions as well as using some sound techniques in conjunction with them.

I am also available to talk about the sound healing process and demonstrate my various instruments.


Shamanic, Sound & Reiki Practitioner

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Armiche Barreno

In my practice, I focus in the areas of pain and injury either muscle or bone related, stress and anxiety related symptoms, digestive and other internal systems issues and women’s health (including hormone balance, menopause and fertility). I would like to remark that to the whole-body approach from Japanese Integrated Medicine, every problem has the potential to be addressed, so my practice is not limited to these aspects alone.

I have successfully helped patients with frozen shoulder, back and sciatica pain, stiff neck, aching joints, migraine, menopause, insomnia, and even mental trauma. Anyone can benefit from the holistic approach this amazing Japanese Integrated Medicine provides.

With Japanese Integrated Medicine I aspire to become a bridge between a person and their best and healthier self, by dedicated attention and support in their journey. I love how rewarding is when you make a difference to the better in the life of somebody else. I look forward to meeting you to work together towards your optimal health potential.

When you come for a treatment with me, you can expect a warm welcome and a calm atmosphere of healing, an attentive listening and a gentle a caring attention to your needs, creating the best approach for them.

I am a graduate of The International School of AMATSU JAPANESE INTEGRATED MEDICINE, where I completed a 3 year program becoming fully qualified under the tutelage of Chris Roworth in the following:

  • Dip Japanese Anma Massage
  • Dip Japanese Physical Medicine
  • Dip Japanese Acupuncture

I am registered in the Acupuncture-Acutherapy Council, also known as AcuC, (member AC9-63) and insured with Holistic Insurance Services (cover HIS92223).

On my spare time, I love spending time with my wife and daughter, practice martial arts and medieval reenactment, play the guitar and even enjoy some Japanese Taiko drumming!




Japanese Integrated Medicine Practitioner

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Jenny Churm

If you have not been told today you are doing amazing!!!!!

I started my journey in learning about reiki on my path in finding myself. Through my difficult experiences of menopause, anxiety, panic attacks and low energy levels. My whole wellbeing was in a constant stream of negative emotions and depression. On top of that I also had the grief of losing my beautiful mum.

I booked my first appointment with Suzanne for Reiki, which at the time I knew nothing about, so I was open minded to see how it would go, however Suzanne was very lovely and friendly made me feel relaxed. I was so happy and interested with the experience that I decided to do the Reiki training so that I could start to heal myself. The difference is overwhelming to how I feel now. I am much better in my mind body and soul – this is a huge factor for me.

So I am offering Reiki healing plus any advice and help to others going through the same or similar issues and experiences in their lives.

l am finding myself on a whole new learning path with new insights into ways of healing ourselves through meditation and holistic therapy .

I have lots of hobbies, I love Yoga and meditation. I like swimming, as I find that it is a great way for me to relax.  I also love to create with my sewing skills.


Jenny 2

Reiki Practitioner, Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher

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