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Be what you are meant to be - Part 1 course for 8 weeks starts when we have sufficient numbers for 2018:


Reiki Training

Learn to look after yourself and bring healing and peace to you. Anyone can be attuned to channel Reiki energy, it is not dependent on intellectual capacity, spiritual development or religious beliefs.

We are taking names for all our Reiki courses, as we may set up new dates where demand calls for it.

Reiki I

Reiki one is a wonderful introduction to energy healing. It is intended for personal development and transformation, self-treatment and the treatment of friends and family.
It is the act of laying on hands on the human or animal form to comfort, experience peace and relieve pain.
You will experience powerful attunements to connect you to the Reiki healing frequencies.

You will be taught how to use Reiki for relaxation, clearing negative energy and relief from stress or pain.

This course gives you life long skills that promotes your personal and spiritual development.

The attunement itself will heal any physical dis-ease in the person who receives it and often the person changes for the better in the months following the attunement.

The price of the course is £120. (Look out for any special offers) This covers your 1.5 days training, manual and certificate, plus on-going support from the tutor (where required) during your 21 days cleansing/self-healing.


Reiki 2


This course is the second level of Reiki training and you need to have completed Reiki 1 training to attend.

Reiki 2, taught over 1.5 days allowing 6 weeks apart for case studies. Second degree Reiki develops your intuition and enables a greater value of Reiki to flow through you, therefore increasing your healing power whether directed towards yourself or others.

You will learn three sacred symbols along with their names. You will also be taught distance healing, which enables you effectively to 'send' Reiki to anyone, anywhere and at anytime.

Reiki second degree is recommended for people considering becoming a Reiki practitioner, or for those ready to take the next step on their personal Reiki journey.

The course will normally cost £180, but we have a special offer on at the moment, so will cost £120, this includes a full manual and document examples to use when giving therapies and /or having your own practice.

The next available date is Sunday 4th of March 2018 and the second day of the same course on Sunday 29th of April. See poster for more details.


Programme of Future Courses & Events






Meditation for relaxation

1st Monday evening of the month

Jehandra Shop, Unit 10, Shifnal Shopping Centre, Shifnal, Tf11 8AU

£5 per person per week

An opportunity to join a group to relax in meditation.

Be what you are meant to be (Part 2)


Curriers Lane Hall, Curriers Lane Shifnal, Telford TF11 8EQ

£55 or £10 per person per session

A 6 week course on meeting your spirit guide & developing your psychic abilities.

Reiki 2 (Part 1)


Curriers Lane Hall, Curriers Lane, Shifnal, TF11 8EQ

£120 per person

Using the beautiful healing energy to benefit oneself and others. Intended for personal development and transformation, self-treatment, the treatment of friends and family.

Reiki 2 (Part 2)


Curriers Lane Hall, Curriers Lane, Shifnal, TF11 8EQ


After 6 weeks of the first day to allow for 30 therapies on your case studies. Presentation of certificates.

Crystal Workshop


Curriers Lane Hall, Curriers Lane Shifnal, Telford TF11 8EQ

£25 per person

Learn from choosing your crystals to cleansing, programming and using them. Bathe in a crystal sound bath for optimum healing.

Reiki 3




The theory on Reiki Master level, the 6 Reiki symbols, giving attunements and teaching - each plan is developed on an individual basis.

Orb Workshop


Curriers Lane Hall, Curriers Lane Shifnal, Telford TF11 8EQ


Cameras and videos at the ready for the afternoon session after a morning of information, discussion and raising energy levels.